Why Choose Us?

We Do All The Work For You!

Don't just be a number...
1 on 1 personalized attention means you'll always be given advice every step of the way, while we do all the actual work for you!

When we say you aren't just a number, we mean it. Because we limit the number of new churches we take throughout the year, each church gets our undivided attention and benefits from our expertise we've gained over the past 14+ years. This enables us the time to provide valuable feedback and tips on how to improve the functionality of your new church website to fit your churches specific vision. So, not only will you receive your own personal designer, but you will receive your own personal web guide to give you constant helpful feedback every step of the way.

Oh, and you never will be passed around to all different people. You will work with the same person throughout the whole process (via chat, email, or phone), who knows your full background.

Think of us as your partner, not just your website provider.

Many providers just provide a pre-built template and send you on your way to do the rest. That's what makes us different. We develop a personal working relationship with your church to always help with whatever web needs arise, whether it's training someone new on our system, finding the best way to highlight something, customizing the system to meet your specific need, tips on enhancing the look of a page, best places for church graphic resources, or anything else web related you'd like to throw at us!

Super Simple Website Editing

Content management systems can be overwhelming. We've gone out of our way to make ours as simple as possible for the site admins, ranging from pros to newbies. You never need to use HTML and most actions are a simple drag/drop.

All actions are done on the frontend of your actual site, so as you can interact with all the editing commands as you browse the site. No backend access needed!

Advanced Functionality

Because we are a custom church website provider, our software is both flexible and advanced enough to be configured in many different ways to fit your needs specifically. It is not a one size fits all solution, like template providers offer. For example, while their prayer program might have 5 configuration options to customize, ours would have 20, to fit exactly as you need in most cases.

It gets better!
If for some reason a piece of software (like the photo gallery) doesn't meet your needs, we oftentimes have other options that may be a better fit for your situation. We are not limited to only one piece of software like other companies may be with their proprietary HTML systems.

Beautiful, Unique Frontpage Designs To Draw Church Visitors

When people land on your homepage, will they be drawn into it or will they click on to another church site? And does your site best represent to your community (and the world) who you are? Study's show that a professional and easy to use website will instantly attract visitors to explore more and oftentimes lead to a visit at your physical location.

We are blessed to get emails all the time from churches who tell us they have people visit their church strictly because the church website impressed them so much. Take the website journeychurchjax.com, for instance. Based on a survey they did, about 75% of the 400 people who now attend decided to visit the church simply because the website drew them in.

Why go with a custom company vs a template company?

Going custom offers endless options to make your site look and function however you wish... something template providers just can't match.

Instead of trying to cram your unique vision into a template, we work with you 1 on 1 to design a completely custom looking and functioning church website built around YOUR specific needs, from creating the design to setting everything up that you need. Your only job is sending us your content. We'll help consolidate it for you, find the best place for it to be, and input it into the system to present it in the most user friendly way possible. Most importantly, we make your content look pretty too 🙂 

Church Websites Sample

Bottom line: you need a website that looks truly professional and stands out from the rest. You NEED to capture people's interest and attention as quickly as possible on the web. It's also the first screen your members and visitors will scan to see what is going on at your church. This is why we spend so much time making your front page look so professional and are not happy offering you a simple looking, re-used 100 times, template. This is also the reason for the added design cost compared to certain other website providers. We put a lot of time into making sure your site will stand out from the crowd and not look like a "templated" site.

The added benefit of a custom site is that, not only do you have direct input and final say on EVERYTHING, from the layout and design, to the colors and typography used, but additional customization's are possible at any time, since we aren't locked into a certain template.

Please visit our portfolio page to view the kind of work we put out there.

Included in each package is 3 professional custom made banners to go into your frontpage slideshow. This will ensure your website launches with a very professional look. We also give you 2-3 different background graphics to use for future slides you may want to make.

Easy Access To Exclusive Media & Christian Collages

Getting the right image for a page isn't always easy.  We've tried to help you by offering images from our own media library to help you for ideas to use in your site. New images are added often... many exclusive to just our site! Plus, you get free access to http://www.christiancollages.com to use for your site or church worship services.

Up to 40% Off Future Custom Redesigns

Once you are a Mychurchwebsite.com client, you qualify to get UP to 40% off our normal prices for a whole professional custom redesign anytime in the future. You can contact us anytime for a redesign and based on the scope of your project, we would let you know how much discount can be done.

Social Media Integration

The more your content is shared on social media, the better the chance of new people discovering your site/church. Our websites allow you to enter your announcements, sermons, and blog posts into your church website and have them automatically sent to Facebook and Twitter. These posts then redirect people back to your website to read the full item. This is a HUGE time saver! Their are also built in 'Like' & 'Share' Facebook buttons on each page, allowing your users to share pages or sermons with their friends.

The best part is not only we can you send to social networks but you can import all your social network posts into your church website too.

100% Responsive Mobile Friendly Sites

All of our new websites are 100% responsive and work well on ALL devices: desktop, mobile, and tablets. This means that no matter what device you use, the website formats itself to be viewed the best way possible for easy reading.

Managed Security

Many churches oftentimes have someone in the church throw them together a website. The upside is the website is free. The downside is that if that person leaves or just doesn't have as much time anymore to devote to the site (which is often the case), the site becomes more and more insecure over time. With us, you no longer need to worry about security/hacking. We are constantly updating your software with the latest patches, both on the server level and the church website software level.

Easy Signup Process

Here is what you can expect when you decide you want to work us in building you a church website:
1. You fill out our form and make first payment
2. We design your website based on form
3. We go back and forth until you are happy with design
4. We implement design into our content management system
5. We transfer over all content from your old site (or word documents you send us) into new website (you only add calendar items, sermons, & announcements)
6. You go live!

Our church websites are feature packed!

View our features page to see all the things you can do with your church website, including sermons, prayer wall, & calendar.