Church Website Feedback


Unsolicited Comments We've Received

It has been such an encouragement to receive such kind emails from churches that have had us build their church websites. We wanted to share a few snippets, simply so you can understand how important each church that comes to us is. We did not edit ANY of these and they were completely unsolicited. Feel free to write to any churches in our portfolio to see how our support is.

Zoe Christian Fellowship

Customer posted this on our Facebook page
In August we launched our new My Church Website design. One of our goals was to have an affordable and cost effective design with the greatest technology features to connect visitors, members and friends to our ministry. My Church Website designed our website with a high standard of quality and knowledgeable professional staff. The staff assisted us step by step to completion and achieved our targeted launch date. They really took a lot of the burden off of us and made the development of our website a simple process. Our congregation and staff are so happy with our new website and its features. I would recommend and encourage anyone looking for a new website design to connect with My Church Website. It was one of the best vendor selections we made in designing our new website. - Dorri

Heavenly Rest

The website looks amazing - formatting, ease of use, appearance - this will be so helpful to anyone interested in Heavenly Rest - you and those that have worked to bring this together should be proud! - John

Mountain View Bible Church

BTW – nothing but positive feedback on the site. It is the centerpiece of out Community Launch coming up on 9/27. You did a great job! - Dave

Zion Missionary Baptist

On a personal note:  I really appreciate the assistance you provided throughout this entire process.  You have really been a "God sent" and I have enjoyed working with you over the last couple of months.  I know our working relationship won't end once the site is released, but I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.  You have been wonderful to work with and we appreciate the wonderful advice you've provided to us.  I truly believe you are in the  RIGHT place God has called you to be! We pray that God will continue to bless you and your family. - Shirley

Lutheran Atonement

In the past few years, since I inherited the management of our congregation's website, I can't express how pleased I have been with the service and support we've received from your company. Our pastors have said that over half of the new people that have come to our growing congregation have been through the website. Mike is always responsive with any issues or problems we've had—often resolving them within minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Along the way, we've upgraded and added modules to enhance what we have so that our website can be an experience for users to get to know us. The online registration process took us from an old paper-based, fee-chasing system to an up-to-date, user-friendly process that doubles as data-entry and email generator. Professionally, before working for the church, I've been in the graphics industry for over 40 years. I've created and designed websites for others but I can't think of another vendor I would rather work with. Thanks for all your help. - Steve W.

St Pauls Darien

The site is great!  I love it!  We just need this info for our annual report because there has been such an INCREASE in our parishoners using the website!

Southbury Baptist

Mike, You are seriously awesome!!! Just went to and the new site showed up. flipped around to a few different pages and the site is moving fast. Love it! THANK YOU!!! I don't know what you did to get it to work but we are sure grateful! And excited! I don't know if it is that this took so long to do or what, but this feels so victorious!  Anywho, thank you Mike. You really saved us many times on this project! God bless you sir! " Drew

Eastern Heights Church

We are getting awesome feedback about the website! Thank you so much for using your talents to bring us such an amazing tool for our church - Daniel C.

Beltline Church of Christ

PS  I get compliments at almost every service about the website- everyone loves it!!  Great work!!! - Dan T

St Paul's Church

I'm getting lots of terrific feedback and now we're ready to start making it a more dynamic and growing part of our church!  You helped make this happen Mike...THANK YOU! - Becky H

St Stephen Lutheran

Thanks, you are really good at this stuff, no wonder everybody raves about your business and support!  - Scott R

People were raving about the site, yesterday at Church. It's good to see everyone so excited! - Scott R

Community of Faith

Hope you are doing well!  I cannot tell you how thrilled we are with how the new website looks!  It’s pretty cool!!!  We are indeed, very blessed to be able to work with someone of your knowledge, patience, and absolute helpful & fun nature!  You were born to do this stuff! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!- Scott

How do you know all this stuff??? We are SO blessed to have gotten you to work with. Thank you very, very much! - Lynne

Grapevine Church

That's cool! You always do a great job. We have always received a lot of compliments on the site. That's why I didn't want to go with anyone else but you! Thank you for sharing. - James N.

Earle Baptist Church

Denise told us she wrote to someone who was asking about us. She wrote: "John, if any of your church clients are looking for a vendor to help them with their web site, I would highly recommend  I have been very pleased with the whole process of building this site as well as with the outcome here now that we are live." Denise

Followup email received once site was live:

"I've had nothing but great comments on the site, how it looks and the features.  The comments have come from various age groups so I'm very pleased so far.  We have had numerous people use the prayer/praise request button.  We have also had several people use the online donation option as well as the option to pay for their tuition for the weekday program.  A great success!  Thanks for everything you did to help me.  " Denise

Warm Springs Baptist Church

"I just wanted to take a short moment to thank you! Your patience with us has been and continues to be very edifying. So thank you for going the extra miles with a brother & a sister who are infants in this process! Also, I want to tell you that your eye for detail and the work you do is simply beautiful thing in Christ to behold. Your gifts shine as well as encourage! This journey has been a joy for us. We find ourselves waiting like children for presents to be placed in front of us to be opened when your emails come. The grandest part of this milestone for us is that we know for a fact... no matter what we receive... it will be an example of your great listening skills that you have shown us repeatedly!  So thank you again for all that you do to enhance God's kingdom!" Pastor Chris
Followup email received once site was live:

"First I want to say how much we still love the website.  We’ve gotten lots of compliments on it so far.  My dad, who is a programmer & manages the distance learning portion of the Northern Arizona University website, really liked it too! Hope you are doing well and have a line of customers waiting to utilize your services!" - Amanda G

Journey Church TX

"Hope all is well. Just wanna let you know that we’ve been getting a lot of comments on how awesome our website is and all thanks goes to you man! It’s definitely something we’re proud of – so, thanks!" Michael L.

Bethel Baptist CO

"Thanks. That site looks great man! Seriously, seriously cool brother. Thanks for your hard work!" Rob Crust

St John Lutheran Midland

"I know we're not done yet, but I want to know that I have really appreciated working with you and admire your skill in doing these church websites. Thank you for taking us on as one of your happy clients!" Matt M

Highlands Fellowship Church

"Everyone is blown away by the site!  Our Pastor said that this is what he's been wanting for years!!!  Thanks!" JR L

Fort Square Church

"Hope all is well, getting lots of comments on the website and they are very enthusiastic about it, we have already received some queries from new people about the church so great job!" Walter B.

Washington Baptist Church

"Let's go ahead and put it in the system. I am extremely satisfied with the way the homepage looks! It is probably the best looking church site in our area! 🙂
Let me know what else you need from me or if you are missing anything. Thank you SO much for all your help and your patience. As a committee, we appreciate it and you! Everything looks just super! 🙂 " Candace R.

The Life Church

"I also wanted to write and say thank you.  I want you to know how much i appreciate all the work you have put into our website.  You have been very patient with us as well as being very punctual.  I have had a number of website disasters, however with you it has really been a pleasure.  you have been prompt and direct and you have done what you have said you would do.  thank you again for all the work and time, i look forward to a long relationship.  "Pastor Chad D.

New Life Assembly Church

Sonya was asked by a church how her experience was. She CC'd me and wrote:

"I was very pleased how the design of our site turned out and we went from rough draft to final draft extremely quickly. The CMS is very easy to work with and very much like MS Word. The support is incredible, most of the time I get a response within minutes. The features included in the packages are incredible, always being improved upon and new ones being added/developed. I have no frustrations with the company at all and have nothing but great things to say about it.

Mike (the owner) is extremely talented and his passion for web design shines through. I've never regretted choosing this company over all the others (and I researched them all). Mike runs his company with honesty and integrity that just can't be beat and it's always nice to know there is a real person behind the company. If you're looking for excellent service, abundance of features, beautiful quality, and incredible value - My Church Website is it." Sonya H.

Haven of Hope

"Dude!!!! you make me sick!!! You did this in one day?!?! Wow! I soooo went with the right designer! It ROCKS!  I really don't have a bunch of stuff I want to tweak. This is actually the first time I've worked with a designer and it has come out so smoothly. So this is just great! 🙂 "

Union Bethel AME

"Just logged on!  Gorgeous job!  Our whole congregation will be so so delighted. Pastor Sembly is ignited by its beauty and your skill! Can't thank you enough for all your patience, education and kindness toward me. Have a wonderful Easter!" Susan T.

Trinity UMC

"Yea!!! We're live. It looks wonderful. You have done a fabulous job. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate how professional and speedy you have been. You've been a pleasure to work with." Gwyn N.

Shiloh Christian Ministries

"So, on a more positive note- we are getting so many compliments on the site you created for us. We so appreciate your excellence and patience during the long and difficult process. Hopefully you won't encounter this type of situation in the future! We know you will have continued success with your ministry and business. God bless you." Pastor Carolyn T

Mesilla Park Community Church

"It looks great!!!!!  Thanks again for all of your work." Dennis D.

Shadow Lake Community Church

"Got it thanks. Everything else looks easy!  The website looks great! We're so excited for the new look." Lisa

River of Life Church

"Wow! Love it! Hope the rest feel the same. I would want the flash to animate our diversity on the home page. But just love it. I'll pass it along and gather feedback." Mark J.

Bella Vista Community Church

Yes, it is great!!! I love the site, it has been pretty easy to work with. Have a good weekend. Lori

High Pointe Church of Christ

Awesome! Thank you for your response. It's almost hard to believe that you would get discouraged because you do such a great job. It happens to all of us--but I am here to encourage you! Really, your designs are the best church website designs I've seen. Yes, your talents are definitely a God thing. James N