There are times when members of your congregation are unable to physically attend worship services. With live streaming, they don’t have to miss a thing and can FEEL connected in ways that a simple audio feed cannot achieve. Our live video streaming service also offers the advantage of automatically archiving each live video service, eliminating the need to upload that HUGE video file yourself later on.

Check out some instances where live streaming can be used to provide a tremendous positive impact :

  • Older members who are no longer able to make it to worship services every week
  • People recovering from illness or an operation and are confined to their home
  • People with contagious illnesses like cold or flu who don't want to risk of infecting others
  • Snowbirds who want to stay connected to their congregation all year round
  • A member who is out-of-town for vacation or business and wants to stay connected
  • Youth away at college who want to stay connected
  • Missionaries who want to stay connected with their home church

Streaming your church worship services also enables members of your congregation to share meaningful events in their spiritual lives with family and friends who live far away.

Other Special Event Examples: - Confirmation - A choir solo - Special recognition - A sermon - A wedding - Children's pageant - Dedications - Baptisms


Live Video Streaming Features

Mobile Devices - HTML5

Mobile viewers such as Apple iPhones/iPads and Android phones/tablets devices are auto detected and the proper HTML5 player is displayed so mobile viewers can watch live and archived videos directly on any device.

Huge Archive Storage

We don't limit the length of time you can store your archives for. Each $49 package allows up to 100 GB of archives. At 500 Kbps,  100 GB would be 400 hours of archived footage.  You can always buy more storage.

100% Ad Free

Churches love our 100% Ad free video streaming solution so they don't have to worry about what their members see, unlike other free video services.

Tons Of Monthly Bandwidth

Every Church gets 250GB of bandwidth/month. When broadcasting at a standard 500 kbps, this is roughly 1,000 viewer hours.  For only 30/month more, you can upgrade and get 1TB of bandwidth, more than enough to handle all your HD broadcasts.

HD & Multi Bit Rate Streams

Broadcast in HD quality! For areas with low Internet speeds, we also offer optional multi bit rate streaming so you can have an HD  primary stream while still providing a lower resolution stream for devices that cannot handle the higher bit rate streams.

Native Android/Iphone App

Direct your viewers to download our video streaming app, so yours users can watch the live streams and archives without going to your website. Standard and custom options available for your video streaming mobile app.

Embed In Own Site

Our video streams are able to be embedded directly into your own website, allowing you to showcase all the features we offer (interactive Bible, social media integration, countdown timer, geographic map of viewers, and much more).

Video Stats

Our new and improved stats feature on your Video Player now allows you to zoom in and out of regions of the world to see how many and where viewers are watching your worship services.

Minimal Hardware Needs

Most churches already have almost everything they need to stream such as access to a computer, an Internet connection, and a video camera. The only other hardware needed is something to bring your video footage into your computer. Our software does the rest!

Live Video Streaming Pricing Packages

Choose Your Plan. No Setup Fees. No Contracts.


100% Ad Free
Mobile Auto Detect
Customizable & Responsive Design
Apple iOS Live & Archives
Android Live & Archives
Embed on Your Website (mobile compatible)
Native Android App
Native iOS App
Roku Channel
Social Media Integration
Chat Room
Phone / Email Support
Multi Bit Rate
Unlimited Viewers
Broadcast 24/7
Same Day Setup
SD/HD Capable
Geographic and Usage Stats
Auto Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a PAID live streaming service over a FREE live streaming service?

Signup up is as easy as can be!

Express Plan

Voided Check (Not a Starter Check)  uploaded through secure signup form or faxed to 214-206-9143.

Premiere Plan

Voided Check or Bank Letter

Copy of Drivers Licenses

501c3 documentation or articles of incorporation or a current utility bill with the churches name on it. (This is because it is a full merchant account)

Where will visitors watch our services online?

Givers will click on a GIVE ONLINE button on your church website, which will take them to your giving page to conduct the transaction.

What equipment is necessary to broadcast our live stream?

If you do not receive over $300 in giving for a month, there is up to a $10 charge, to cover the merchant account fees for that month.

Am I limited with how often I can broadcast?

There is no charge for changing fund categories. Reports are a little different. There are several free reports that you will have access to, but since we build these reports ourselves it would be unrealistic for us to say yes you can have any report you can dream up and its free. We will definitely provide some great reports and are very open to reports and statistic requests. We will do what we can to fill these requests.

What if our church needs more bandwidth than what is provided by the $49 per month package?

With the Express account, less than twenty-four hours from the time your merchant account application is approved.

With the Plus account, applications usually take 3-4 business days to be approved, due to it being a full merchant account.

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