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Why live streaming video?

There are times when members of your congregation are unable to physically attend worship services. With live streaming, they don’t have to miss a thing and can FEEL connected in ways that a simple audio feed cannot achieve. Our live video streaming service also offers the advantage of automatically archiving each live video service, eliminating the need to upload that HUGE video file yourself later on.

demodefaultCheck out some instances where live streaming can be used  to provide a tremendous positive impact :
  • Older members who are no longer able to make it to worship services every week
  • People recovering from illness or an operation and are confined to their home 
  • People with contagious illnesses like cold or flu who don't want to risk of infecting others
  • Snowbirds who want to stay connected to their congregation all year round
  • A member who is out-of-town for vacation or business and wants to stay connected
  • Youth away at college who want to stay connecteddemmofree
  • Missionaries who want to stay connected
    with their home church
Streaming your worship services also enables members of your congregation to share meaningful events in their spiritual lives with family and friends who live far away.
Here are some examples of special events that can be shared with live streaming:
- Confirmation   - A choir solo   - Special recognition   - A sermon   - A wedding    - Children's pageant    - Dedications    - Baptisms

Why choose a PAID live streaming service over a FREE live streaming service?

ALL free live streaming providers show ADs overlaid on top of your video (or right beneath) and all over your video page. These intrusive ads cannot be controlled and will also put your church in a position of promoting products to your viewers with which you don't feel comfortable.
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Where can I learn the basics of streaming?

There are instructional videos that guide you on Introduction to Streaming, How to Embed Live Stream Code, How to Embed Archives Code, and How to Use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Where will visitors watch our services online?

For most visitors, it will be easy to watch your live stream right inside your church website. We simply embed the live player into any page on your site you wish. Once they go to the 'WATCH LIVE' page, the player will autoplay the video. All videos are archived automatically for users to watch at their own leisure later on.

What equipment is necessary to broadcast our live stream?

You need a computer, an Internet connection, a video camera, and a video capture device (or an alternative way to get the video footage into your computer). If your computer can see whatever is showing on your video camera or webcam, it means you are good to go!

How long can we store our on-demand videos on your server?

Each $49 package allows you to store up to 100 GB of archives. If you broadcast at a bit rate of 500 Kbps, then 100 GB would be 400 hours of archived footage. Additional storage is $0.24 GB per month. For example, if you were storing 110 GB of archives then the extra 10 GB would cost $2.40 for that month.

Are there any setup fees?

There are NO setup fees! We have a free 30-day trial, so it costs you nothing to start streaming.
If you want us to design you a CUSTOM live streaming page inside your site, like the example below, there is a $195 setup fee.

Are there any contracts or long term commitments with your streaming service?

There are NO contracts or long term commitments with our streaming service. You can pay monthly for your service and can cancel at any time.

Am I limited with how often I can broadcast?

There are no limits on when and how often you can broadcast. You can broadcast on as many days and times as you want.

What if our church needs more bandwidth than what is provided by the $49 per month package?

Only a small percentage of our clients need more than what comes with the $49 per month package. Those that need additional bandwidth can purchase additional packages and half packages. For example, if you need double bandwidth, then you would want to be on  double package plan, which would cost $79 per month.

Is streaming only for churches?

We specialize in meeting the needs of churches & other faith-based organizations. However, we are happy to provide service to clients with similar streaming needs.

Does your system support viewers with iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices that don't have flash?

Yes, we have a way for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod viewers to watch your broadcast. To provide this option to your viewers we have you place a “Get iOS Player Link for Apple Devices” link on your 'Watch Live' page.

Can your system integrate with our existing video system?

It is usually very easy to split off an output feed from an existing video system. During your free trial we would be happy to help you figure out the wire or adapter you may need.

At what bit rate can I broadcast?

We recommend broadcasting at a bit rate of 360-500 Kbps. However, you are welcome to broadcast at higher or lower bit rates depending on the Internet connection speeds of you and your visitors. Typical ranges our clients broadcast at are 250 Kbps to 500 Kbps. You can go all the way up to 1.2Mbps for HD broadcasting!

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